Blogs We Like | Scientific Illustration

It’s been quite a while since we last featured a curated blog. There’s no real reason, of course, but it does take a bit more to stand out in what’s inarguably the most populace genre of bloggery on tumblr. Lukas Large's work on the Scientific Illustration tumblr not only stands out sets a remarkably high standard for themed curation.

Large is a National Science Curatorial Trainee with the Birmingham Museums Trust, an organization which includes 8 galleries and museums in the city. Large’s work with BMT is clearly emblematic of a deep connection to art and art history, which is the core of SI. The range and variety of Large’s selections are staggering, including antiquarian and contemporary work from an equally awesome range of sciences and artists.

There’s no single emergent theme or point to SI, which is a colossal strength. Whereas many curations suffer from rigid constraints, “scientific illustration” is a giant umbrella, capable of including fine art as well as straightforward realist taxonomy. If anything, SI’s connective thought is of the visual nature of science, that before the crystalline abstraction of mathematics comes an irreducible and highly affecting encounter with aesthetically powerful phenomena.